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Nothing lasts forever, and that includes software. The program we have been using is ending this service, so we are moving to a new program for our daily email delivery. There will be, we expect, a few challenges to be resolved along the way, so please let us know if your subscription is affected by the change. 

If you have been subscribing for free, well, nothing lasts forever. We need you to pay for the service. 

It’s also an ideal moment to remind everyone that subscribing is a great way to support local journalism. Please click on the button in the dark green box at the bottom of the page, and renew your subscription now. Expect to be hearing from us via MailChimp, at about the same hour of the afternoon, (between 4 and 5)  with daily local news, events and community connections. 

You can also find us on social media @Twitter (@cccrossroads) or Facebook (CulverCityCrossroads,) but you need to go to the site to get the full text of the articles, and the video feed. If you are inspired to communicate, comments are posted under the article they relate to, and Letters to the Editor are published on the day they are received (if they come in before that daily deadline -)  and are not edited. 

With so much happening in our city, we hope that you value having timely, accurate information available five days a week. 

We are honored to have your support, and we hope that our site keeps you informed on what is happening in Culver City.

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang


  1. Judith– I just subscribed. It seem to go very smooth. My word to the wise is “Don’t spend all in one place!

    George Laase

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