School Board Reviews Policy on Hate-Motivated Behavior

The Board of Education regularly reviews both Board Policies and Administrative Regulations that are significant to the operation of the district. At the October 8, 2019 Board of Education meeting, officials unanimously adopted a revision of Board Policy 5145.9 addressing Hate-Motivated Behavior.

The opening paragraph of the policy now states: “The Governing Board is committed to providing a safe learning environment that protects students from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying, and other behavior motivated by a person’s hostility towards another person’s real or perceived ethnicity, national origin, immigrant status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, political belief, age, disability, or any other physical or cultural characteristic or belief. The Superintendent or designee shall design strategies to promote harmonious relationships among students, prevent incidents of hate-motivated behavior to the extent possible, and address such incidents if they occur.”

This policy was originally adopted in spring 2003 by the Governing Board of that time. The policy was reviewed on September 24, 2019, edited and then unanimously adopted with the current language on October 8. To read the policy and the revisions, please go to


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