Culver City Public Theater to Open ‘Rosalynde & The Falcon’ July 13

For over twenty years, Culver City Public Theatre has presented shows for child and family audiences in Carlson Park, free of charge. This summer that production is Rosalynde & The Falcon, a mash-up of several folk tales.

Originally commissioned and produced by Talespinner Children’s Theatre, this is ‘Rosalynde’s’ second production, being offered by CCPT Director Marina Tidwell.

With an uncomplicated set, meant for use in the out-of-doors for an audience of children seated on the ground and close (perfect for Carlson Park) costumes are a significant part of communicating the story. Rosalynde is a goofy satire in verse and the folks at CCPT are looking forward to opening this weekend, July 13 at noon.

Rosalynde and the Falcon will run Saturdays and Sundays at noon, at Carlson Park through August 4, 2019.

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