CCUSD Offers New Science Building – Measure CC Bond Update

As the end of another school year approaches, the Culver City Unified School District wants to keep everyone updated on the major Measure CC Bond projects that are still in process:

The Science Building for the High School and Middle School is coming along (see photo above)  It is providing 8 new Science classrooms (4 for each school) with all the modern tools and technology needed for today’s science students. This building is on track to be opened soon and is expected to be used for additional Summer School rooms (because of the HVAC work preventing access to much of the High School).

The major project happening this summer is the completion of HVAC installation in the remaining High School and Middle School classroom buildings. They have already started preliminary aspects of the work and expect these buildings to be finished before school starts up again.

Another summer project that will cause some disruptions is the completion of the “fire loop” on the Middle School side of the Elenda complex. This project is installing the last of the required fire hydrants and involves quite a bit of trenching around the campus and parking areas. Because of this one, about one-third of the Elenda parking lot will be blocked off so we ask that anyone dropping off or picking up students anywhere in that area be extra careful. As the district has done previously, both entry and exit to the parking lot will be alongside Farragut since the Middle School side entry will be unavailable. There will be signs posted to make everything clear.

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