Culver City High School Student Arrested – BB Gun on Campus

On May 16, 2019,  at approximately 11:15 am, Culver City High School staff and the Culver City Police Department became aware of a social media post depicting a Culver City High School student in possession of a firearm on school property.The Culver City Police Department immediately responded to the High School and located the weapon, which was determined to be a BB gun.

During this time, Culver City Police Officers were able to establish that there was no imminent threat to any school staff or students. Culver City Police Department personnel learned that the student, identified as a 17 year old male, was not at school today.

Detectives responded to the student’s residence and met with him and his parent, who were very cooperative. The student was subsequently arrested and booked at the Culver City Police Department for Possession of a Replica Firearm on School Grounds.

This incident will be presented for criminal filing considerations. The Culver City Police Department is also in communication with the Culver City Unified School District Administration, who will be handling any administrative investigation.This incident highlights the importance of students to come forward if they are made aware of these types of threats. Please remember if you see or hear something, say something.


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