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imageLast week Culver City High School offered the annual College Fair and new Career Fair, an integral part of the start of a new academic school year. Annually students and families are reminded of the importance of looking towards post secondary options and career planning. This year Culver City High School hosted over 130 colleges and 27 career participants. Every year we have new colleges from around the country, which provide students with the ability to explore a number of colleges by the time they are seniors.

This event provide opportunities for our students gain exposure to colleges they had not heard of or states and countries that had not considered as prior options. As a result, more students are applying for college and finding the right fit to embark on the next steps to fulfilling their goals! As the fair organizers, we are told by a number of students and parents how happy they are to have a fair on their very own campus that allows for students and families to make an informed decision about their futures.

This year for the first time, a career fair was added! Participants included local employers, specific departments such as Nursing and Film, and Allied Health programs at local community colleges, short term training programs, police explorer programs, as well as apprenticeships for pipefitter and welding, and the different branches of the military.

Students are empowered to plan accordingly for the admissions requirements at various academic institutions or other post secondary training programs and options available to them. We believe that by providing an extensive fair, that students will be exposed to many post secondary options after high school, including paths that lead to well paying and successful careers that do not always involve a 4 year degree. Students can and will be able to set realistic goals to become college and career ready graduates of Culver City High School!

 Adrienne Madrid, Thelma Valverde, College Counselors


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