Antioch Offering Urban Sustainability Program

GreenhouseAntioch University is training the next generation of urban problem-solvers to meet the world’s dual challenges of climate change and inequality. If you dream about changing the system, our 18-month program offers an educational home of like-minded students, faculty, and community partners who work and learn together in a hybrid, hands-on, cutting edge program. Our urban centers can be just and sustainable places with effective educators, advocates, and agents of change leading the way.

If you see yourself influencing how public policy is made; launching a disruptive, forward-thinking social enterprise; or working with urban communities to ensure access to clean air and water, affordable renewable energy, food, education, healthcare, and housing, an Urban Sustainability MA degree is the right one for you.

AULA now offers a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Certificate incorporated into the Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability program. There are scholarships available  for an April 24 start. For more info, go to

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