Sister Cities to be Honored at HSA with PTA Golden Oak Award

unnamedThe Annual PTA Honorary Service Awards will be happening this month, and the Culver City Sister City Committee will be awarded the prestigious Golden Oak Award recognizing CCSCC for outstanding service to the youth of Culver City. Ms. Maren Neufeld,(far right) the Culver City Council PTA President was at the Culver City Sister cities Committee meeting on April 5 at the Dan Patacchia Room in City Hall to announce this honor to the board.

Receiving the honor for the CCSCC were Sonia Karroum  (far left) and Nancy Perdomo-Browning. Authorized by the California State PTA, this award is given to recognize, as the most prestigious of the Honorary Service Awards, an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the welfare of children and youth in a school or community.

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