Anti-Bullying Martial Arts Class to Begin @ CCMS

anti-bullying-mnkv17ss1y1zeco0kx5mgbpwfbcoelrjz30fpgggbk“For too long now, bullying has been a silent epidemic in our schools.  Senseless suicides of bullied kids & teens has finally given a voice to its victims and a spotlight to its long-term dangers. And a movement towards kindness and empathy has led to more compassionate bystanders.” Richard Alonzo knows a lot about bullying, and he has offered his classes at Echo Horizon, El Marino, Linwood E. Howe, CCMS and Farragut. A new session will be beginning at Culver City Middle School, and registration is now open.

“The bad news is that bullying isn’t going away any time soon. Despite this, more work can be devoted to minimizing its impact.  No victim shaming here,” Alonzo stated, “Bullying has a long & complicated history, and like most social issues, it continues to evolve and has no easy solutions.” Giving children the tools to self esteem and self defense can make a life saving difference. 

Bullying incidents need not end in violence, and not everyone who bullies is a bad person. With objectives like promoting respect of Personal Space and effective boundary setting, students will learn how bullies choose their victims and how best to not fit their target profile. Martial arts training will solidify these boundaries, and feature effective self defense techniques that don’t require striking or kicking. But since bullying often takes place off campus too, these will also be a part of the experience. Mindful meditation rounds out the class, promoting better focus, calm under pressure and empathy. The class is also specifically designed to prepare girls for the social dangers of high school and college.

The first class is this Thursday, January 12, 2016 at 2:30pm. This class is open to non-CCMS students as well – to register, please go to

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