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o-2It is chilly – and that is when chili tastes best. For  a discerning consumer of fine fare, there are not many eateries that can hit the whole list, but one of them is Tub’s Fine Chili. Locally owned? Check. Delicious? Check. Fantastic service? Check. Reasonably priced? Check. Throw in ‘something for everyone’ and ‘nationally famous’ and Tub’s Fine Chili may be the only place in Culver City to truly deserve your patronage, for every reason.

Celebrating their seventh year in business on Overland Avenue, Rick and Margie Hodges have taken a standard of business – do one thing and do it well – and raised it to an art form. The classic American bowl of red has seven variations, ranging from the seriously carnivorous to the delightfully vegan.

The bean-free ‘Chuck Wagon Grind’ is a base of beautifully seasoned ground chuck with a dark and tangy sauce, just the kind of chili that warms your bones. Cattleman’s Pass is the vegetarian style chili, with soy, corn and a variety of beans, just perfectly seasoned. The vegan sweet-potato and black bean chili is the kind of food that makes you wonder why you aren’t vegan seven days a week. My personal favorite o-3is the Poncho Verde, a green tomatillo and pork chili with hominy that goes with the corn muffins like salt goes with pepper, like day goes with night, like chilly goes with chili…

Eat in, take out, feed a crowd or just get a bowl for yourself. Not every city is as fortunate as we are. We have Tub’s.


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