Ivy Station Construction Will Change Metro Parking – Lot Will Close in February

expo-culver-city-parkingA community meeting on Thursday Jan, 5, 2016  gave Culver City locals a chance to get some information about the Lowe/Ivy Station development coming in this year. There was much discussion on the impact it will have on parking at the Culver City Metro Expo station. and many residents were on hand to ask questions about Metro parking during construction.

While the developer will be paying for permit parking for residents who live in the immediate area, there will be significant changes in how parking functions – not just at the Culver City station, but at other Metro stations as well.

For those using the Culver City station as part of their daily commute, the parking lot will close on Feb. 13th. The Ince parking structure will be expected to take up the brunt of the commuter parking, but other parking will be made available after the needs are better known.
There will be communication to Expo riders, including signage, social media, and flyers to direct riders to the Ince parking structure and other Metro stations with available parking.

It won’t be free; Expo parking will be $3 at Ince with proof of TAP card, and parking at other Expo stations will be $2 and then graduating up to $3. Charging for parking has long been on the horizon for the Metro stations, but many of the stations along the Expo line have spaces open all day. Culver City just isn’t one of them.

After the construction is complete, there will be parking closer to the train available again, but that will be many months in the future.

Judith Martin-Straw


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