LOCALmotion by Jozelle Smith

LOCALmotion – Jozelle Smith

This coming Saturday and Sunday, December 3rd and 4th from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. it’s time for L.A. Goal’s Holiday Boutique. Their artists have created outside art, ceramics, woven items, pillows, apparel, cards, bake …[READ MORE]

The Skinny by Amy Brunell

The Skinny – Amy Brunell

Willpower: Control deliberately exerted to do something or to restrain one’s own impulses Control: The power to restrain something Restrain: Prevent someone from displaying or giving way to Determination: Firmness of purpose; resoluteness Tenacity: The …[READ MORE]

Looking Up by Bob Eklund

Looking Up – Bob Eklund

Two geo-scientists at Arizona State University have made a discovery among hot springs in Chile that may spur scientists to revisit a location on Mars explored several years ago by NASA’s Spirit rover. The discovery …[READ MORE]


Charley Hoult

Charles “Charley” Hoult passed away early this Wednesday morning at his home in Culver City. His wife, Janet Hoult shared with us that “Some of his CSULB students were here before the mortuary came to …[READ MORE]