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social-media-reluctance-767x450I Don’t Wanna Do This.

It’s been one week since the world turned upside down for some of us. What we believed about possibilities, changed, and now we sit with our fears, our disbelief, and discomfort.

Our situation in America now asks us to make a choice:
Do we wait and see?
Do we numb?
Do we use our addictions to help us cope?
Addictions such as food, alcohol, television, or any other device that helps us check out for awhile.
Do we reassure others, “It will be alright?”
Do we pray?
Do we protest?
Do we wear safety pins?
Do we write?

I decided the first day after the election results, that for that one day, I would make a small choice in how I care for myself. I decided that day (don’t laugh) to “deeply hydrate.” I’m not a great water drinker, so I resolved to strive for hydration. And just doing that did make me feel that at least I wasn’t abusing myself, I was attempting to deeply care for the one body I have.

The next day, I chose to start to deeply listen to the commentary of the election. I wanted to understand, I still do, about why people made the choices they did. My listening and understanding on any level is my attempt to inhibit my fear.

Two days later, I heard about wearing the safety pin showing others that not only are you a “safe” person, but that you are an advocate of others if they are being attacked in some way. So I wore a safety pin for two days.

I have spoken to multiple groups and individuals. I have made sure that I stayed connected with others to either garner my own support, or offer support to them. This coming together in our tribes and communities, helps to heal the isolation that one can feel when coping with fear.

I’m cooking healthy delicious foods to keep my body nourished and energized. I continue to hydrate. And I’m trying to make sure I’m keeping my body moving.

I went to my spiritual teacher and talked with him to help me understand not only what was happening, but also to clarify my role in helping myself and others towards understanding.

And now, a week has passed, and I don’t feel very brave. Not beaten, not over, but I just don’t wanna do this.

What’s this?

I don’t want to go through this difficult period in our country. I want it to go away. But guess what? It’s not. And to have the result we did, that Trump was elected, means that many Americans were in a difficult period currently and they told the rest of us, “WAKE UP DAMMIT!” And I hope when we come out of the fog, we start that process.

We have to wake up to the average person who felt that the country wasn’t listening to their plight. We have to wake up and re-evaluate centrist politics because trying to find a compromise only allows the radicals to stomp their feet and refuse to take action. For right now, finding common ground will be difficult to those who don’t choose any compromise.

I encourage you to watch and listen to anyone who can articulate what is happening in America. Learn for yourself. Become knowledgable. One of the painful pieces of this election, if I am honest, is that I was blinded in my bubble in Southern California. Not that I don’t do anything to help my fellow beings, I do, but still, I must admit that I knew things were not right and I didn’t make a step towards helping others in Michigan say, who still don’t have clean water.

I am not going to judge any action taken for the betterment of others. If you choose to wear a safety pin, protest, write letters, we all have to find our way with our own approach. It isn’t helpful to put others down by telling them, “Your way isn’t effective.” Perhaps not, but it’s part of the process of healing and feeling empowered. I’d rather see people take a positive approach to feel empowered then get stuck in the mire of powerlessness.

Lastly, make a choice to work on your words. Words matter. I am trying very hard to watch my words. I want to respond with love and kindness. It doesn’t mean I always do it, but it does mean I always intend to and I PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, my words. I reject meeting hate, judgement and fear with my own hate, judgement and fear.
It doesn’t mean I don’t falter all the time, but my intention, my practice, is to continually catch myself and change.

Speaking the words of love and connectedness? Okay, I wanna do that.

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  1. I WANNA DO THIS! I want America to be great again. I want jobs to be created, other countries to pay their fair share, and to live in a country with borders that follows the rule of law. I want college kids to stop being so sensitive and to be exposed to both sides of an argument instead of just the “poor me” liberal side. Safety pins–really? I want to have jobs created in the inner cities, and I want the millionaires of Hollywood to shut up. I want to be able to state my opinion and not be called a deplorable and all that it encompasses. Actually, I really don’t care if someone calls me names–sticks and stones. I want politicians to use correct government security measures not bathrooms for sensitive information and to stop them from becoming multi-millionaires by selling their offices for personal gain. I want the elitists of both political parties to shut up and listen to the voices of all the American people. I want people to not be fearful but open to a different way of doing things without rioting and destroying property and assaulting people. Believe me, being a Trump supporter, I know fear, too but it comes from people who would in some way harm me or my property because I think differently. Could I have safely put a bumper sticker on my car or a yard sign on my property? NO WAY.

    Written by a former Democrat who because of personal beliefs has been labeled a deplorable. I’m really grateful my side won this election and that all Americans–Democrats, Republicans, Indep-ents of all races and creeds will be able to reach their potential.

  2. I WANNA DO THIS! I want to make America great again! I want to have secure borders, lower taxes, school choice, and a booming economy. I want to slam political correctness and stop putting Americans into racial groups contributing to the balkanization of our country. I want the elites of both political parties along with the millionaires of Hollywood to shut up and listen to the American people. I want college students to be taught both sides of an argument and to stop their silliness. Safety pins, really? I want politicians to follow the rules just like everyone else and be held accountable if they don’t. Servers in bathrooms? Becoming millionaires by selling favors? Being told they have lied to the American people in front of Congress and suffer no consequence?
    I want to be able to put a Trump bumper sticker on my car and not be fearful my property or myself could be retaliated against. I want people to listen to my side of the argument and not have a major party candidate call me a deplorable. (sticks and stones, oh well.) I want so badly, to shake up the corruption of Washington on both sides of the aisle and very hopefully, my vote will make that happen.

  3. Thank you for acknowledging that many Americans were/still are in difficult periods. Thanks for your “words”, they were kind.

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