Casino Night Tops Off Record Breaking Success

Casino chips on gaming table

Casino chips on gaming table

Veteran’s Auditorium was rocking and rolling as over 500 guests enjoyed the Culver City High School Booster Club’s 9th annual casino night held at Veteran’s Auditorium on March 19.

The event raised a record $50,022.00, with additional money coming in daily. With expenses of less than $3,500.00, Culver City High School teams and clubs will share in over $46,500.00 in proceeds. This year’s event eclipsed last year’s total income by more than $10,000.00.

With food donated by Red’s Flavor Table, Victor Jr’s, LaRocco’s, Honey Kettle, Campos, I Luv Sushi, Outdoor Grill, Panera Bread, Pei Wei, Pieology, Plant 47 Pizzeria, Santa Maria Barbecue, Satomi Tanahara, The Good Pizza, and Sorrento Italian Market, beer and wine provided by Golden Road Brewery, La Brea Liquor, Lagunitas, Torrance Circle K, Sorrento’s, Joxer Daly’s and Security Service Systems, the crowd was well fed, and ready for fun.

Guests tried their luck on 29 black jack tables, a wheel of coaches, craps and roulette. When not gambling, guests indulged in the Cheer’s dessert table, and freshly made donuts from Dazzling Donuts. When not gambling, patrons purchased tickets for a chance at a massive discount from Culver City’s newest Orthodontist, Dr. Ryan McComb, and bid on over 400 live and silent auction items. And bid they did.

The Booster Club wishes to thank Dan Hernandez and the entire staff of the Culver City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department for providing an incredible venue and an amazing support staff. Over 100 volunteers helped to make this year’s event not only the most profitable in history, but also the most fun.

Next year’s event will be held in March 2017, with an exact date to be determined shortly.

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