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Diploma With Question Marks

Diploma With Question Marks

No Acceptance Letters?
It is the season for acceptance, rejection, and waitlist responses from colleges. What do you do if you did not get accepted to any of the colleges? Take a deep breath, all is not lost, the path to college is still open to you!

Some colleges have late admissions policies
Not all colleges adhere to the “apply by a specific date or else” philosophy. Some colleges keep admissions open until they have filled their open spots. For instance, Beloit College in Wisconsin, a school with excellent course offerings and good financial aid will continue taking applications on a space available basis. Same with these California schools: Whittier College, Chapman, and University of La Verne, CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Channel Islands, CSU Monterey Bay, CSU Los Angeles. Interested in Colorado, Colorado University, Denver late application deadline is August 1, 2016. Do your research.
Private California Colleges

For CSU specific information:

Other lists: , ; ,

Apply for Spring Semester

Some colleges take in freshmen in spring semester. For example, CSU Northridge accepts Spring applications from August 1-31, 2016 for the Spring 2017 semester. The same is true of almost all of the Cal State Universities (except the most selective ones.)

Go through your list of schools and contact them to ask about Spring admission. Find out the deadlines and requirements.

Talk to your college counselor
You are not the first student to run into this situation. Contact your college counselor and ask for advice.

Consider going to Community College
If you know that you want to graduate from a 4-year college, you can transfer from community college as long as you have jumped through all of the hoops and have maintained good grades The public schools in California want you to have 60 credits, but private schools only want around 45. In other words, some will that sophomore transfers. If you have a school you really want to go to, enter community college with that laser focused view. Talk to your transfer counselor, check out transfer requirements for your choice school, set up a transfer plan and stick to it.

If you are still undecided, apply to community college NOW so it is a viable option. If you wait until spring or summer, many of the classes may be full or unavailable to you.

How to avoid this?
Make sure your college list includes a variety of options including schools with lower selectivity ranges. If you have done your research properly, you will have a list of schools that suit your interests and learning style. You will have included schools that you are very likely to get into, because of your GPA or test scores relative to other students and schools that have a lot of what you are interested in, but not everything.

Get Smart from the start with a realistic and varied college list. If you have to be flexible, be flexible and look for alternatives. Lack of acceptance does not mean that you are doomed, you can make your college education a reality.

Jamie Wallace
Get Smart for College
Independent Educational Consultant
Jamie is a UCLA trained educational consultant.
[email protected]

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