Maker Studios Gets Stirling Talent

imagesMaker Studios has partnered with violinist Lindsey Stirling, whose top-rated YouTube channel boasts more than 5 million subscribers who have watched videos of her unique style of classical dubstep more than a half-billion times.

The partnership will afford Stirling access to production resources through Maker’s studio facilities in Culver City, where the company is based. But according to, the real advantage in this type of partnership lies in Maker’s expertise in monetizing the digital space.

“Her contract was up at Fullscreen and we felt like it was the right time to explore other potential partners,” Stirling’s manager Adina Friedman told Billboard via email.

“Optimization and monetization resources along with brand integration partnerships are definitely very important,” says Friedman “We feel Maker is extremely proactive in this space and will be able to offer Lindsey the opportunity to help continue to grow her brand and be on the forefront of the digital space.”

Stirling, who first appeared in the spotlight in 2010 on America’s Got Talent, had her self-titled debut album reach the No. 1 position on both the Billboard Dance/Electronic chart and Classical Album chart with more than 350,000 copies sold in the U.S., all without the backing of a major label. Her follow-up in April 2014, Shatter Me, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

“Maker is extremely proactive and creative with their talent,” said Stirling. “They seem to have mastered the difficult task of giving attention to their smaller, growing channels while still being able to add value to their larger established channels — plus, with this partnership, I am one step closer to becoming a Disney princess!”

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