Water Bond Gets Support from Ridley-Thomas

imagesAssemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas today gave his strong approval to a $7.5 billion state water bond measure that would provide funds for underground water storage projects and measures to rid groundwater of harmful contaminants.

Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas said, “In the midst of a crippling drought that has harmed business, industry and agriculture, Assembly and Senate members have passed a fiscally prudent plan to address our state’s urgent water needs. Governor Jerry Brown supports the water bond measure and so do I.

“The water bond measure will be presented to California’s voters in November. Every Californian has been affected by water use restrictions that were imposed statewide as a result of our ongoing drought emergency.”

“Making the strategic investment to build a distribution infrastructure that meets California’s future water needs is imperative. Our ability to create employment opportunities for our residents depends on the availability of water,” he said.

“We cannot put our state’s agriculture industry at risk. We must provide our farmlands with reliable water sources. Agriculture is hurting badly. Food prices are predicted to increase because our state’s 100-year drought has left our farmlands bone-dry and fallow,” he added.

The cleanup of groundwater supplies contaminated by toxins is an urgent matter that should not be deferred or delayed by a lack of funding. Water contamination is a major issue that impacts residents in low income and rural communities. Lastly, we simply must store water – above and below ground – more efficiently and effectively to ensure that California has the adequate supply of water it needs,” Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas said.

Voter approval is required in November for the bond to be implemented.

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