Street Sweeping Changes to Make ‘Drop Offs’ Easier

-1For years, street sweeping regulations around CCUSD school sites have made it difficult for parents to drop off their children, speak with school staff at a convenient time, and volunteer at the beginning of the school day.

UPCC is very pleased to report that, just in time for the start of the school year, Culver City has modified those restrictions around Culver City campuses. As of this week, parking will be restricted for only two hours rather than four, and those restrictions kick in at 11am rather than 9am.

More than two years ago, while on the City Council, UPCC member Scott Malsin initiated the process that lead to this change. He continued to press for it as part of UPCC’s Parking and Traffic Team.

“Since I have a child in a Culver City school I was personally aware of the difficulties these restrictions caused for parents,” commented Malsin. “Parents from throughout the district kept asking UPCC to press for this change.”

Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin, UPCC’s president, says, “this is another great example of the way in which UPCC works together with our parents, our District, and our City to make things better for Culver City families.

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  1. Thank you UPCC for taking the leadership on this. It’s such a simple fix, yet it took some major organization and leadership to make it happen.

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