City Creates Green Dividends with Parking Structure Energy Audit

Wasaka-parking-lot-entrance_jpg_298x298_crop_upscale_q85Demonstrating that sustainability and green initiatives can pay immediate dividends, Culver City recently reduced energy consumption in three city owned parking structures. The latest was the Watseka Parking Structure, where in less than eight
weeks, the City reduced electricity use by a whopping 56 percent.

“Through Culver City”s energy saving measures at city owned faciliites, we hope to
encourage residents and businesses to also take action to reduce their energy
consumption. Culver City is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, cutting energy use and saving taxpayer money,” said Culver City Mayor Jeffrey Cooper.

Thanks to the assistance of The Energy Network Culver City was able to complete the
Watseka Parking Structure project in record time. The Energy Network is a regional
resource that provides free services to public agencies looking to upgrade their facilities
to be more energy efficient. The program also provides resources to homeowners and
businesses.Using the free services of The Energy Network, the City replaced about 150 old and inefficient lights bulbs in the 300 plus capacity garage. The move will save the
City  $17,512 annually in electricity costs and reduce its annual energy use by 126,034 kWh. The new light fixtures also will last longer, which translates to lower maintenance costs.

To help residents and businesses also take action, Culver City has invited the public to connect with The Energy Network ti identify home upgrade and energy efficiency loans

The Energy Network can be a great source of information at
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