Scholarships for Seniors Total $145,220

One hundred thirty five graduating seniors from Culver City High School and Culver Park High School received scholarships totaling $145,220 at the Culver City Community Scholarship Fund awards night, June 18, at the Robert Frost Auditorium.

The auditorium was packed with relatives and friends who cheered as each recipient was announced. Students are told they will be receiving a scholarship, but they find out which scholarship they will receive at the event.

Event organizers paid a special tribute to Founding Trustee Bettylyle Westbrook, who is retiring from the Fund board. Part of the group that began the Scholarship Fund in 1961, Westbrook was a teacher and counselor at Culver High for over 40 years. She was originally hired as a girls’ P.E. teacher at Culver High, then became a teacher of U.S. history, government and leadership, and eventually a Counselor and director of the counseling department. She started the school’s first Drill Team, was a faculty advisor to the Chirons service club, and served as President of the Culver City Teachers’ Association. Her special interest and expertise was college and scholarship counseling.

Upon receiving an Honorary Service Award from PTA, Westbrook commented that she especially loved working with students in academic, extracurricular and personal settings. The Bettylyle Westbrook Spirit Award scholarships are given in her name each year.

This year, the fund received a grant from the Bandai Foundation, a charitable foundation established by the Bandai toy company to improve the lives of children and families with a focus on education. Ten students were selected to receive $500 scholarships through this one-time grant.

Other donors to the Scholarship Fund include a wide variety of service clubs, businesses, parent organizations such as PTA, and employee organizations from the school district and the city, as well as individual and memorial scholarships. Donors selected their recipients in May according to their own criteria, which may include academic status, financial need, career goals, or Culver City schools attended.

The Culver City Scholarship Fund is a nonprofit organization administered by a group of community volunteers who meet monthly from November to June.

There are two ways to donate to the fund. An individual, organization, service club or business can create a named scholarship in the amount of at least $300 and then a representative will select their recipient from among the applicants. In addition, the Scholarship Fund accepts donations of any amount for the Bettylyle Westbrook Spirit Awards. All donations are fully tax deductible.

For direct donations, checks should be made out to Culver City Community Scholarship Fund and sent to Culver City High School, 4401 Elenda St., Culver City, CA 90230, attention Margaret Fujisawa, College Career Center, or you may make a secure donation at the Fund’s website, If you wish to set up a new named scholarship for 2014, please contact Margaret at (310) 842-4200, extension 3558.

These are the scholarship recipients for 2013:
1. Aguilar, Jacqueline
2. Aladro, Alyssa
3. Alcala, Juan
4. Alvarenga, Kimberly
5. Anvery, Amina
6. Appleby, Arman
7. Argueta, Natalie
8. Bac, Michelle
9. Bachrach, Elana
10. Baurto, Ruth
11. Beer, Martin
12. Bellows, Tristen
13. Bennett, Isabel
14. Benson Garcia, Melody
15. Canchola-Miranda, Kristina
16. Cardenas, Irais
17. Carter, David
18. Casillas, Selina
19. Castanaza-Gudiel, Michelle
20. Castro, Irma
21. Castro, Johana
22. Cereceda, Clio
23. Chastain, Katie
24. Chung, Gabriella
25. Chustz, Sydni
26. Copeland, Emma
27. Cornejo, Victoria
28. Cronin, Kevin
29. Davis, William
30. Dimeo, Jasmine
31. Dodenhoff, Julia
32. Donis, Vania
33. Dorsey, Erika
34. Duval, Amanda
35. Erlick, Miriam
36. Espinosa, Orlando
37. Estrada, Nataly
38. Ezedin, Zacky
39. Fente, Adam
40. Figueroa, Ariana
41. Finnegan, Olivia
42. Flores Rodriguez, Jesus
43. Furuta, Owen
44. Gaines, Brianna
45. Gallardo, Penelope
46. Garcia, Cassandra
47. Garcia, Dayana
48. Garcia, Gabrielle
49. Goldshine, Marlee
50. Guizar, Monique
51. Hale, Mychelle
52. Handler, Sarah
53. Hameed, Hammad
54. Hernandez, Caterine
55. Hernandez-Garcia, Alejandra
56. Hnin Pale, Bibi Zaveria
57. Hopfield, Madeline
58. Hossain, Anum
59. Hughes, Kira
60. Ichharam, Jaimal
61. Ignant, Delayna
62. Im, Jonathan
63. Jackson, Kierra
64. Juarez, Arlyn
65. Kennedy, Ellis
66. Khalil, Citra
67. Khan, Hamza
68. Kumari, Radika
69. Kunisaki, Jason
70. Kurihara, Emma
71. Leist, Madeline
72. Lopez, Carina
73. Lozano, Teresita
74. Lozano, Viviana
75. Madha, Fahiz
76. Mahmood, Sahar
77. Mala, Saher
78. Martinez, Magali
79. Mateo, Araceli
80. McGlothan, Morgan
81. Melchor, Thomas
82. Melendez, Alexander
83. Miller, Jordan
84. Miller, Simone
85. Mills, Sydnie
86. Mitchell, Eric
87. Mohammad, Maleeha
88. Moniz, Jonathan
89. Moreno Jimenez, Lucero
90. Moss, Daijah
91. Munoz, Fatima
92. Nagy, Renata
93. Najarro, Noemy
94. Nolasco, Christian
95. Olivera Grijalva, Andrea
96. Ordon, Mark
97. Paz, Corina
98. Pham, Tori
99. Pimental, Kevin
100. Price, Tristan
101. Ramierez, Nazario
102. Rasmussen, Daniel
103. Rodas, Diego
104. Rodriguez, Liliana
105. Rodriguez, Tayler
106. Roque, Trixie Anne
107. Rosales, Samantha
108. Ruidias Gomez, Daisy
109. Saito, Kanan
110. Saldana, Salvador
111. Salvaterra, Sterling
112. San Juan, Kevin
113. Schaffer, Laura
114. Sedeno, Gabriel
115. Shohat, Kevin
116. Silva, Krystal
117. Smith, Magnolia
118. Stephenson, Byron
119. Sugasawara, Tani
120. Suyetsugu, Matthew
121. Syed, Bathool
122. Tamura, Micah
123. Tanita, Taylor
124. Tran, Tracy
125. Ugalde, Mariana
126. Valdez, Olivia
127. Valentine, Kayla
128. Viera, Jasmine
129. Villanueva, Tyren
130. Wadibia, Ifeoma
131. Wheeler, James (Culver Park Student)
132. Williams, Aariel
133. Woodruff, Kimberly
134. Zakin, Alexandra
135. Zelaya, Kimberly

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