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Not only does our Culver City Senior Center have a slew of daily programs taking place on site – that’s 4095 Overland Avenue, corner Culver Blvd. – it’s practically standing room only at its Trip Office, where Trip Sales take place the first each month for trips two months in advance. You have to take a number to be one of the lucky participants of day excursions, overnighters, etc., all designed for education and fun, e.g. Pala Casino, Ronald Reagan Library, etc. If you’re not already a Senior Center member, join now: coming up in September is a Great Canadian Cities tour (8 days); and in October, “Tropical Costa Rica” (9 days). For Trip Info call (310) 253-6708 (M/W/F 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.). For general information call (310) 253-6700. Or just drop by and be dazzled: the Center is open from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. M-F, and noon until 4:00 p.m. Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Culver City Exchange Club members are regrouping in their exploration of a possible alternate site for the 2014 July 4th Fireworks Show in the light of the unavailability of the Culver City High School field this year. West Los Angeles College might be a potential back-up site, but then it’s a year away…the Club will go dark this Tuesday, July 2 giving members who haven’t been able to enjoy an Independence Day vacation out of town in decades to relax and enjoy themselves. (We hope to be back oooohing and ahhhhing in Culver City next year!!)

Speaking of the Exchange Club, there was no official program last week, as it was “Lame Duck Day.” All of the Past Presidents who were in attendance were called on to give a brief statement about their feelings for the Club, ranging from Charter Member Bill Fecho (wasn’t he referred to as “Bill Fickle” in an article in one of our sister community newspapers lately?) 1954-55; to Earl Eskridge, 1960-61; Ken Owens, 1979-80 and 1009-99; Mike Fate, 1993-94; Mike Snell, 1009-2000 and 2010-11; Larry Burns 2000-01; Xavier Nuques, 2001-02 and 2011-12; Ray Blom, 2002-03; Jeff Cooper, 2003-04; Dr. Jay Shery, 2004-05; Michelle Ford, 2005-06; and Dr. Bob Montgomery, 2009-10. Dr. Shery will be serving his second term as president next year. All had fond memories of their terms in office.

The Culver City Education Foundation has welcomed four new trustees to its ranks: Allison Brush, David Church, Anne Jacobsen and Linda Silva. Each of them has proven talents and demonstrated commitment to our Culver City students and schools. CCEC executive board members for the 2013-4 school year are: Marci Shulman, President, Susannah Baxendale, Secretary, Patti Schaub, Treasurer, Aileen Zeidman, VP Fundraising, Kathleen McKernin, VP Outreach, and Jane Harada, Parliamentarian.

Culver City’s Agape International Spiritual Center had a record number of participants at its 20th Annual Sacred Service Saturday last week. Over 900 members, families and friends signed up to assist at over 30 sites where they could go in groups of 12-15 and be of service at the site for a five hour period. The day kicked off at a design-your-own-name badge table, followed by a buffet breakfast, inspirational kickoff (complete with music; after all, this is Agape) and then everyone carpooled to their assignments, whether helping out the Tree People folks plant or thin out trees; a music “road show” to shut-ins; prepping and painting at the Place Called Home Youth Center (yours truly’s assignment), helping out at local animal shelters, planting community gardens, or cleaning up a local beach, the scores of participants gave it their all, returning to the Agape Sanctuary to share their experiences at the end of the day. Agape is located at 5700 Buckingham Parkway, in the Buckingham Business Park. The Center offers three daytime services on Sundays, plus evening services on Sundays and Wednesdays, plus music opportunities, support groups, kids’ summer programs, plus, plus. For more information, visit www.agapelive.com.

Sparkling birthday wishes go out this week to Minh Collins, Alicia Dordoni, Daniella Liber, Calvin Marshall, Brian McDonald, Kelley Miller,Kendrick Batiste, Danielle Behar, Tonya Goodloe, Diane Hernandez, Joann Krupin, Joyce Sandler, Kazum Wong, Gino De La Torre, Nichola Marble van Dam, Naomi Altbach, Mary Barton, Sunmi Shi, Jeff Stafsky, Connie Wood, Michael Zeno, Franna Diamond, Ann Marie Michaels, Karine Newman, Mayra Ramirez, Margarita Varshavskaya, Prisca Gloor-Maung, Georgeann Martin, Katy McLaughlin, Julio Quijano, Elaine Richman, Maria De La Luz, Ana Maria Kowalski, Rosalie Maggio,Pablo Proenza, Tanvir Shaikh, Ana Bost, Shanece Canty, and Peter Carpenter. If you’d like to have your own, a family member, or a friend’s birthday noted in LOCALmotion, just email [email protected] the info and you’re in!

This Thursday marks Independence Day, and it’s appropriate that in Culver City this year we’re reminded that it’s really more than just fireworks, (or the lack thereof.) Fly your flags, wear red, white and blue, and set up a backyard barbecue or even a block party picnic with neighbors, friends and family – celebrate!

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