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For more than five years, the California Legislative Black Caucus’ CLBC California Scholars program has proudly recognized and rewarded the educational excellence and personal achievement of California college-bound high school seniors and accomplished post-secondary students enrolled in colleges and universities.

The CLBC California Scholars program awards financial assistance scholarships to a select group of deserving students. College costs can be a roadblock to educational opportunities for students striving hard to complete their college education.The financial scholarship assistance provided by the CLBC California Scholars program helps qualified students pay for a portion of their college costs.

Who May Apply?

CLBC Scholar Financial Assistance Scholarship candidates must be full-time students in good academic standing.
College students with a minimum of 12-units at an accredited college or university are eligible to apply for financial assistance scholarships through the CLBC California Scholars program.
Graduating high school seniors possessing written proof-of-acceptance to an accredited community college, private or state college or private or state university are eligible to apply for CLBC California Scholars financial assistance scholarships for their freshman year of college.
All candidates for a CLBC California Scholars financial assistance scholarship must document that they have attained a minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) to demonstrate their individual educational achievement and denote their commitment to excellence in education.

Apply Now!

The application deadline for a CLBC California Scholars financial assistance scholarship ends at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 14, 2013.
All CLBC California Scholars financial assistance scholarship applications must be completed in full and received by your CLBC member’s State Capitol or District Office on or before the application deadline.
NOTE: United States Postal Service (USPS) mail postmarks bearing the application deadline date will NOT be accepted.

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