CC Foodie – Chocovivo To Open in May

Joining the mini restaurant row growing on Washington Boulevard near Washington Place in Culver City comes chocolate maker Patricia Tsai’s relocated Chocovivo, right by The Corner Door and just steps from A-Frame and Waterloo & City. With a finished facade but an incomplete interior, Tsai says she’s looking to open her small bean-to-bar chocolate factory in May. According to Kat Odell at Eater, patrons can expect both a retail shop and cafe experience, but as one can see the space above is quite modest, therefore don’t expect too much seating.

In addition to sipping chocolate, the shop will offer chocolate making classes that use stone grinders to break down raw cacao beans. Tsai considers herself a chocolate maker as opposed to a chocolatier (don’t get it twisted), the difference being, “Chocolate Makers start from the very source of chocolate which are raw cacao beans. Chocolatiers get chocolate from Chocolate Makers and melt chocolate down into truffles,” she explains. Once open Chocovivo will suffice as “the ultimate chocolate experience of learning the true history and process of chocolate.”

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