School Board Study Session Scheduled for Apr.10

Tonight the CCUSD School Board will hold a Special Board Workshop Study Session to review and discuss Board Bylaw 9310 as it pertains to board policies. That meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 10 in the District Office at 4034 Irving Place.

What, you may well ask, is Board Bylaw 9310 ?
According to the district, Board Bylaw 9310 establishes a “policy development process” with clearly delineated steps. Under Board Bylaw 9310, the Board of Education must identify the need for adoption or revision of a policy. After the Board has determined a need, then the Superintendent or her designee “shall gather fiscal and other data, staff and public input, related district policies, sample policies from other organization or agencies, and other useful information to fully inform the Board about the issue.”
Once these steps have been taken, the Board of Education can proceed to amend an existing policy based on how the proposed policy works under existing state and federal laws, California Education Code, liability and how it “may affect student learning, community expectations, staff recommendations, fiscal impact, as well as the policy’s impact on governance and operational efficiency.”
“The Board of Education realizes that Board Policy 1240-Volunteer Assistance is important to the community,” said Superintendent Patricia Jaffe. “But we all want to ensure that Board Bylaws are followed and that the Board has all of the necessary information it needs to make decisions regarding Board policy that addresses the needs of all stakeholders.”
During the February 28 Board of Education meeting, Board member Laura Chardiet introduced a revision to Board Policy 1240 – Volunteer Assistance to address her concerns about the District’s adjunct and parent-funded “volunteer” programs at several campuses. Although Board Policy 1240 was not agendized, the amendments to this board policy were presented under Board Business. Several members of the Board of Education had not seen the proposed revisions to the policy before it was introduced.
“I can assure parents that this is not something that is going away,” she said. “We just need to deal with any changes to board policy in the correct way and ensure that CCUSD policies and by-laws are followed.”
April 10 (tonight) will be a study session, allowing for policy to be analyzed and discusses.

The next Board of Education meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24 in the Mike Balkman Council Chambers at City Hall, 9770 Culver Boulevard in Culver City. Once published, the agenda for the meeting can be found by visiting the district website (click through the box on the lower right.)

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