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Layered concrete textures a wall
Layered concrete textures a wall

My front lawn was literally turned upside down over the past two weeks due to the addition of a fantastic new retaining wall. I’m excited when I look out my front window now and see a beautifully flat lawn, with decorative lighting and new grass. It looks amazing.

Besides increasing the curb-appeal of our home, the main benefit of our retaining wall is the removal of the steeply sloped yard that used to reside there. Hard to mow, and creating significant run-off onto the sidewalk after a watering or rainfall, the yard is now a level playing field we can landscape easily.

Generally, retaining walls are installed for one of a few reasons:

• Terrace a slope to create flat garden areas
• Reinforce a slope and stop erosion
• Create a level area with multiple uses such as play areas for kids, patio areas for lounging or the addition of hardscape features such as a pool or hot tub.

In terms of the materials, there are a number of different choices to consider, all with their own look and cost. We chose to use stone for our wall, but some other examples include:

• Decorative concrete block – These stones are made from concrete in a variety of colors, and are one of the least expensive landscaping choices for creating walls.
• Brick – Mortared at the joints, brick is more expensive than other materials and is often affixed to a wall built of concrete block. If the wall is to be used as a seat, brick retaining walls are often capped with bluestone.
• Dry laid stone – This very beautiful wall is made by simply layering the stone one by one on top of each other, producing a unique one-of-a-kind look. Fieldstone is commonly used in this kind of wall.
• Mortared Stone/Ledge Stone – One of the most expensive types of walls, the natural stone is layered and mortared in place. Sometimes a “face stone” is mortared to a wall to produce this look for less.

For more information about retaining walls, hardscaping or home improvements, contact Art Perez at FABB Construction Inc, at 310-918-2224.

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