Dear Editor- Former Student Cheers Nancy

Dear Editor:

I had the pleasure of having Nancy Goldberg as a teacher at Culver City High School almost a decade ago. After four years of undergraduate education and two years of law school, she is still the best teacher I have ever had. And no teacher has prepared me for that journey more than she has. Over the years she has been a teacher, a counselor, a mentor and a friend– as I know she has been to thousands of students over the years.
When I got news that she was retiring from teaching I was saddened that future students would miss out on her guidance and passion…but now I realize that as a member of the Board of Education she can have an effect on, not a hundred students at a time, but thousands. I know that she will bring the same passion for her students that she has demonstrated over years of teaching to her role as a board member and, as she has in the past, will continue to her dedicate herself to the best interests of the students and the students alone.
I wholeheartedly endorse Nancy Goldberg for the Board of Education.

Brendan Hamme

The Actors' Gang

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