Feista Kick-Off Offers a Peek Through Preview

You’ll want to know what you ‘re getting into when you sign up to volunteer for Feista La Ballona. Click on this sneak preview of what you’ll enjoy with complimentary appetizers at the Fiesta La Ballona kickoff meeting, this Tuesday, 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Kay ‘n Dave’s downtown Culver City Cantina.


Mayor Micheal O’Leary and city officials invite you and your friends to begin planning next summer’s weekend event attracting some 20,000 guests at Veterans Park. Schools, community groups, businesses, agencies and individuals like you, involving some 100 City employees and over 200 volunteers, make Fiesta La Ballona a fun family experience each year, since 1951.

See you Tuesday on the 25th at Kay ‘n Dave’s with the Mayor.

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