Star Party with Bob Eklund Coming Up – Nov. 5

Laura and Bob Eklund, astronomy fans
Telescope aimed at the heavens with Laura and Bob Eklund

The community is invited to share a family evening viewing the stars, the planet Jupiter, and the Moon on Saturday, November 5. Bob Eklund and fellow volunteers from local astronomy clubs will present this free event for the public in the parking lot of the Christian Science Church, 7855 Alverstone Ave., in Westchester. Several telescopes will be set up for sky-viewing between 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. In case of clouds or rain, there will be a learning session on basic astronomy (especially for children) inside the church.

“Everyone is invited to look through our high-quality telescopes at the planet Jupiter, the craters of the Moon, and stars and nebulae,” says Eklund, who works with the Mount Wilson Observatory on public outreach and recently published a book of poems and essays about the night sky titled First Star I See Tonight.

“All—especially children—are welcome to enjoy the views and learn about the sky from our knowledgeable astronomers, and if you have a telescope of your own, we encourage you to bring it,” says Eklund.

Questions? Contact Bob Eklund at (310) 216-5947, [email protected], or see his website,

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