CCUSD Teacher Turnaround- Layoffs Rescinded

At the June 28 meeting of the CCUSD School Board, almost all the teacher and classified layoff notices were rescinded, bringing back the majority of the teachers and staff that had been “pink-slipped” on March 15 of this year.  The original 19.2 lay-off notices were rolled back to reinstate 18.6 teachers for the 2011-2012 school year. Now, the dilemma of how to lay off only .6 teacher- We must have someone who teaches that kind of math who can pop an answer. Raise your hand, please! (Thanks to all the great teachers who have been waiting and wondering.)


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  1. the .6 reflects a cutback to a part-time position, either because of fewer sections of a class needed, or a budgetary decision (or both). some of our teachers do that voluntarily; for instance, a teacher that is coming back from maternity leave this fall will be working a .6 position rather than a full-time position.

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