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So, you’ve decided to sell your home. Now what?

The first thing you should do is hire a Realtor, who will represent your interests as a seller. Unless you have a personal friend who is a great Realtor, you should start by conducting a series of interviews, also known as listing presentations. Inviting a few local Realtors intimately familiar with your neighborhood to present their thoughts will help you assess how the Realtor will use strategies to maximize your home’s market value and net the highest sales price, as well as give you a good idea of the overall time-line of the listing and escrow process. You will also want to look for specific suggestions as to how they will market your home, what sets them apart from other Realtors, and the general “fit” they have with your personality and philosophy towards selling.

Ultimately a seller needs to choose a Realtor who you trust both as a person, as well as a professional.  Trusting that your Realtor will be your advocate and be honest, ethical and fair-dealing, is just as important as having complete confidence in their ability and experience to handle complicated or unexpected situations if they come up. A great Realtor will look at the merits and issues of your property and try to anticipate the buyer’s concerns prior to listing your home.

Once you have chosen a Realtor, they will have you sign a listing agreement, which is your contract with that particular person for a designated period of time. Listing agreements generally run for 120-180 days and mean your house is exclusively listed with that Realtor and brokerage for that time frame. The listing agreement will outline the list price of your home, the commissions paid as the result of a successful closing, and any exclusions or waivers agreed to by the Realtor and the seller.

The Realtor will then take at least one photo of the home (generally more, but one outside photo is all that is required) and list the home on the local area Multiple Listing Service or MLS, for short. Depending on the day your property is entered in to the MLS, they will schedule a Broker’s Open House for the following Tuesday, or a general Open House for the following Sunday.

And then the fun begins!

If you are curious about any of these points and would like us to prepare a listing presentation for you or a friend, or if you would simply like to chat about your house and the market at this point in time, give me a call or text direct to 310-259-7419. You can also email me at email [email protected] or visit our Website at

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