Democratic Club Meeting to Discuss Local Budgets

There has rarely been a meeting of any part of the Culver City government or school district in the last two years that has not been about the budget. Time to toss in your two cents? Come to the Democratic Club meeting on Wednesday April 13 at 7 p.m. for a City & School District Budget Forum with Desmond Burns, David Mielke, and Kathy Paspalis. At the Rotunda Room, Veterans Memorial Building at 4117 Overland Ave.

School board member and Dem Club President Karlo Silbiger stated in the Dem Club Newsletter “I am glad that our club can be at the forefront of this conversation at our upcoming meeting when representatives from the City Council and School Board will be on hand along with the presidents of the Culver City Employees’ Association and the Culver City Federation of Teachers. How has the state budget impacted our local government institutions? What steps can be taken together to strengthen our city and school budgets? And how can our elected officials and unions work together to protect both the community?”

Two cents could be worth a lot.

Questions ? WWW.CCDemClub.Org.

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