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I was looking at my website and other marketing materials the other day and started pondering our tagline –“Serving YOU With HeArt!”. I’ve always believed in being honest and conducting my business with a professional integrity that is second-to-none, but while musing about what really sets HeArt apart, I came to the conclusion that I’m wholeheartedly involved and connected to my community—our community—and that’s what makes the difference.

I don’t believe in just selling a home, or helping you buy one; that’s what all realtors are trained to do. What I’m really interested in doing is making our fantastic Culver City community serve all it’s residents in the best way possible. My little way of helping out is by helping you find your niche, and then giving back.

Late last year I started a new initiative called Gifts From The Heart, which is committed to donating a percentage of each closed sale to a community group or local charity of our client’s choosing, among other things. Pretty much any group in the community is fair game because I realize what’s important to one person may be different for another.

I’ve always made it a point to support our schools, my church’s charitable causes and various other community groups, but in the age of budget cuts, I felt a more formalized approach to my charitable giving was in order, and I really wanted my clients to have an immediate connection to their new community by having a donation made in their name. I also wanted my sellers to know that their contribution to Culver City was recognized and appreciated, buy allowing them to create a legacy of sorts by having a donation made in their name to their favorite part of the community.

Giving makes me feel connected. It puts my life in perspective and instills a valuable lifelong lesson in my children. Closing a sale, and then giving back makes me realize it’s not about the paycheck, it’s about helping people. I view every client I work with the same way—it’s not a monetary transaction I’m working on; it’s a family, a mother, a father, a first-time homebuyer, an investor, a person. It’s what keeps me going, and what sets me apart.

So next time you think about moving into a community, look at the world you’re moving into. Don’t just examine the test scores of a prospective school, talk to people about how the parents support that school. Don’t view the pristine parks and think how great the landscaping is, check out where the soccer games are played, and the Little League practices are held.

I feel you can judge the value of a community by how it uses actions to speak louder than words when it comes to contributing to the greater good. I want to help Culver City be judged a superior community because we band together and pitch in when times get tough (and not much is tougher than selling real estate right now!) I’m pitching in. Want to join me?

More information about Gifts From The Heart can be found on our website at If you have a local charity or community group you’d like listed, drop us a note at [email protected]. We want to hear about all the great work being done in the greater Culver City area. If you want to list your house, or are looking to move into our fantastic community, please get in touch at 310-259-7419.

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