Homegrown Help – When Life Gives you Lemons…

On Saturday March 19th, Aden Twichell and Sidney Wallace, 6th graders at CCMS, will be holding a bake sale and lemonade stand with proceeds going to the Red Cross for Japanese earthquake relief. The stand will be on the corner of Vinton and Braddock from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., so you know where to take your thirsty self to make a contribution to a better world.

The fundraising team of Twichell and Wallace set up a similar stand to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina, and after their selfless work, donated $1300. Absolute proof that no matter who you are, you can do something to help. Big cheers to Aden and Sid for being such good citizens of the world. Arigoto tomodachi!


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  1. Aden Twichell and Sidney Wallace and their families would like to thank the generous nature of our community. Because of the donations from their bake sale/lemonade stand, they will be donating a total of $660 to the Red Cross and AmeriCares. Thank you to our wonderful community and to strangers passing by.

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