Dear Editor- Thoughts on Sheila

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your coverage on this story. Here are a few words about Sheila Silver.

Sheila is an inspiration for each student, when she hired me to create the costumes for “Nichols Nickleby” I was completely moved by Sheila. When I started working on the show Sheila gave me a student assistant, who was a Freshmen, and anti-social. I asked Sheila, “How was this student going to lead her classmates, she is scared to speak?” Sheila responded, “You’re so out spoken, and you have no problems being social, I know you could teach her more then just costumes.” Sheila was absolutely correct. By the end of the run my student made friends, she led her crew and invited me to her improv performance.

Sheila Silver is more than a teacher ; she is a person who is passionate about encouraging all the people around her to reach higher. As I said in the meeting Sheila has always been encouraging to me and her students. She reminds me of my high drama teacher who truly introduced to me my voice. I was like many of Sheila’s students until I found that teacher who was more then just an 8 am-3:30pm teacher. She is amazingly courageous, I have been with her when she is directing her students and mothering her son. If we had more educators like Sheila Silver, President Obama wouldn’t have to stress the issues of America no longer leading in education.

Thank you,
Alicia Simmons
Costumer/ The Actors Gang Member & Teacher

The Actors' Gang


  1. I sincerely hope that this situation can be resolved. The secrecy is a problem. Parents and students have no idea why their beloved teacher was fired. I would have been crushed to experience losing a teacher like Sheila Silver. It seems unfair. I understand the legal ramifications of keeping issues private, but this situation is so abrubt and upsetting. How can kids trust their school administrators if a teacher who they love is just taken away with no explanation? There’s got to be a solution. I am extremely proud of the AVPA students and parents. It’s people like this who make me want to send my children to Culver High one day.

  2. Ms. Silver’s work speaks for itself. Aside from her skill as a director and mentor, her students have learned tolerance, acceptance, self-worth and integrity. They are highly valued by Ms. Silver and each other. These are qualities that make the community and the world a better place. She is a treasure worth fighting for. Students are our top priority and it’s clear that she is all about THE STUDENTS!!!

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