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Newly Installed. Photo by Chris Rooney
Newly Installed. Photo by Chris Rooney

The beautiful woman in the gray dress looked around at the gathering in the Community Room at the Culver City Library and sighed, “This is quite a turnout. I know he would have been pleased.” Betty Dixon, Congressman Julia Dixon’s widow, certainly would know. The room was filled with people, exclaiming over the accomplishment that there was now a plaque commemorating the library officially to Dixon. Of the more than 60 people there to attend the tribute, more than half a dozen were former staffers of Dixon’s, each of them seeming as pleased as Mrs. Dixon to see so much support.

Margaret Todd, the Los Angeles County Librarian, hosted the program and began with her own observations about how much we were indebted to Congressman Dixon’s efforts. “We have many things to thank Julian Dixon for, and this library is one on a long list.”

Ms. Todd introduced LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who also commented on Dixon’s long and productive career from the creation of the Alameda Corridor to the funds brought in after the Northridge quake. In applauding the library, he offered the remark that “More libraries mean fewer prisons, as the connection between illiteracy and incarceration is clearly understood.” Even more gracious, he then acknowledged Ms. Todd was in fact, the source of the comment.

The next speaker, Congresswoman-elect Karen Bass, also noted many of the accomplishments in Dixon’s career. In a tone of very sincere humility, she offered that she would be “making a study, of what he did and how he did it, because Julian Dixon obviously served the constituents.”

Culver City Mayor Chris Armenta was the next at the podium, and he rolled out another list of Dixon’s legacies in Culver City. From the restoration of the Plunge and up to the dedication of the library, he was a representative who took care of his turf.

What does it say about a politician’s career when so many people can recall his accomplishments and never step on the same one twice? Closing the remarks, Mrs. Betty Dixon offered her thanks to the former staff members who had worked with her husband, and asked them to stand for a round of applause. Also noted for their efforts were Julie Lugo Cerra, and Neil Rubenstein, both of whom helped to get the plaque properly dedicated.

In the lobby of the library, where there used to be a bulletin board filled with flyers about community events, there is now a handsome picture of a very accomplished and beloved man. Those who enter the building with no idea as to who it is named after or why can stop and get a bit of education, just by reading the words on the wall.

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