Culver City Democratic Club Stands on Props and Candidates

The recent meeting of the Culver City Democratic Club voted on endorsements for the propositions on the upcoming June ballot. The club requires a 60% vote to endorse a candidate or issue.

In regard to the propositions, discussion and voting yielded these results;
Prop 13- Seismic retrofitting – The club took no position. Some of the members didn’t think they had enough info, and others didn’t think businesses as well as homeowners should benefit. The State Democratic Party endorsed a Yes vote.
Prop 14- Open Primaries – The Culver City Democratic Club and the State Democratic Party endorsed a No. In many Democratic districts, this would cause Democrats to essentially have 2 “primary” campaigns with too much of a financial drain on the campaigns.
Prop 15 -Fair Elections- The club and the State Party agreed on Vote Yes. This is a good first step toward campaign finance reform and public campaign financing.
Prop 16 -Electricity – The club and the State Party opted for a No. This appears to be a proposal by Southern California Edison to keep energy money and contracts for themselves.
Prop 17 -Car Insurance- The club and the State Party said Vote No. This appears to be a proposal by the insurance industry to be able to increase their (for all intents and purposes) “monopolies”.

With these guidelines for members to mark the ballot, voting went on to which candidates to support.

U.S. Senator — Barbara Boxer
Governor — Jerry Brown
Lieutenant Governor — Janice Hahn
Secretary of State — Debra Bowen
Controller — John Chiang
Treasurer — Bill Lockyer
Attorney General — No endorsement
Insurance Commissioner — Dave Jones
Superintendent of Public Instruction — No endorsement (Club was split almost 50/50)
Board of Equalization — Jerome Horton
LA County Assessor — Yolanda Salazar
House of Representatives, 33rd CD — Karen Bass
State Senate, 26th SD — Curren Price
State Assembly, 47th AD — No endorsement (Club split)
Superior Court Judge, Office 28 — No endorsement (Club split)
Superior Court Judge, Office 107 — Tony De Los Reyes
Superior Court Judge, Office 117 — Alan Schneider
County Central Committee, 47th AD — Tom Camarella, Evelyn Metoyer-Williams, Terrence Montgomery,
Mollie “Lee” Welinsky, Jimmie Woods-Gray (Voters can vote for up
to 7 candidates)

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  1. I know who I’ll be supporting for County Central Committee, John Graff. He’s a lifelong progressive Democrat. He’d be a great asset to the County Democratic Party.

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