Dear Editor- Does One Vote Make a Difference?

Bravo Judith. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments and convictions. [ Parents Dont’ Vote- see below] One reason for voter apathy might be because people don’t believe that their vote makes any difference. The political process seems overwhelming, corrupt, etc, etc. I understand that if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. I get the concept of government “by the people for the people”. My mother boycotted Dow oven cleaner in the 60’s because they were connected with manufacturing weapons (or maybe she just didn’t want to clean the oven, either way she was making a statement). As a kid I trick-or-treated for Unicef, walked around with a McGovern poster & buttons all over myself, and spent a week in Washington in a High School outreach program to learn about out government. As a mother, so many things feel urgently important to me. What I see and am learning about the state of education in California today shocks me!! Here we sit in glamorous Los Angeles California and the kids in our public schools have to beg like paupers to get a decent education.I understand that Prop 13 back in 1978 was a devastating blow to our publilc schools, but even so how can our state government not see the desperate need and the crucial importance of financing education?No matter how bad the economy is, no matter what, education must always be a top priority for all people. This leads me to a question for the candidates. Can you pass this on to them? (I wasn’t sure where to leave the q’s on this site). My questions are:” What are your priorities for bettering Culver City?” ” Where do our public schools fit in with those priorities?” ” As a parent I am bombarded by doom and gloom from EVERYONE concerning budget cuts. What can you the candidate do to help?” ” What action will you take to bring more money, awareness and support for our teachers and everyone who works to educate our kids in Culver City Schools.”Thank you. {and thank you so much Judith)
Suzy Porter

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