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Dear Rachel,

I’m a senior who has been widowed for years, but I’m still interested in dating. I don’t mind doing the asking, there just aren’t that many men in my age bracket. How do I let someone younger know that I’m interested?

Eager and Still Shy

Dear Eager,

Online dating is very popular at this time, and there’s usually a place for you to write what age bracket you’re interested in. You can contact as many people as you’d like, and they will respond if they want to talk or meet. If you are courageous enough to approach a man in person, then you can be blunt and make it known that his age doesn’t matter. He will let you know if the interest is mutual.

Dear Rachel,

After thinking about it for a long time, I’ve decided to date someone
of my own gender. I don’t want to make a big deal about coming out of the
closet- I’m not sure I’m really gay- but this is a friend I’ve had
feelings for for a long time. I know my family is going to freak out, but
I can handle them. What do I say to my co-workers or my friends?

Stepping Out

Dear Stepping,

Your co-workers do not need to know about your personal life, so you shouldn’t feel compelled to tell them whom you are dating. If they happen to see you in public with your date, you can be vague and introduce the person as your friend. As for your friends, they wouldn’t judge you or gossip about you if they were real friends. I recommend telling only one or two very close friends if you must get it out in the open, but don’t spread it around to everyone until you know whether the dating process will progress into a real relationship.

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