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Crossroads presents our newest columnist; Rachel Scheer

Dear Rachel,

I’ve been happily married for twenty years. My husband and I have a great relationship, but I’m never in the mood for sex. What do I do? -Cheryl, 44
I have found that the most common sexual concern women have is lack of desire. You may need to work on communicating with your partner if you’re upset with him. You can also plan a sex date once a week to make time for intimacy. If you’re bored by the same old routine, you can explore your wild side and act out your fantasies. Make sure you include lots of foreplay, and educate your husband if he doesn’t know the right way to pleasure you.

Dear Rachel,

I’m an attractive, educated man. How come women never want to date me? -Ben, 32
It’s difficult to find a date in this busy, career-minded world. Try out new activities, and sign up for events and classes that attract women. Instead of sitting alone in your apartment, go out and discover your passion. Be open to different types of women, and date people that aren’t your “type.” Your perfect match may be someone who doesn’t have any of the qualities on your top ten list.

Rachel Scheer is a Certified Love and Sexuality Coach. She helps people strengthen their relationships and achieve greater sexual fulfillment. You can read more about her at If you have a question for Rachel. please write, and let us know that you want to see it published in Culver City

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