Chamber of Commerce Endorses Jeff Cooper

On Jan. 21 the Culver City Chamber of Commerce endorsed Jeff Cooper for City Council. Jeff met with the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce to share his vision for Culver City and to answer their insightful questions. In addressing the board, Jeff stated in part,

“What will they say about Culver City in 2040? I want to say that Culver City’s leaders chose long term gains over easy answers. That our decisions ensured Culver City’s economic viability which allowed our community to thrive. To achieve that vision, I will bring in 2010 greater accountability to City Hall, expand our economic base, and preserve our high standard of living.”
Also on Jan. 21, former Culver City Mayor Steve Rose endorsed Cooper for City Council.

“I am very proud and honored to have the support and confidence of the Chamber of Commerce and former Mayor Steve Rose,” said Jeff Cooper. Jeff also stated “when I am a council member, I look forward to working with the Chamber and Mr. Rose, along with the community, for the greater good of Culver City and it’s citizens.”

For more information, please email the campaign at [email protected] or call Michael Whitaker at (424) 209-3493.

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