Lit Angeles to Open New Creativity Studio @ Village Well

Francesca Lia Block, local author, teacher and mentor will be opening a new writing studio in partnership with the Village Well Books and Coffee, and classes are scheduled to being June 1, 2024. 

The Lit Angels Writing Studio will be an outgrowth of Block’s online journal, Lit Angels, which she publishes with editor Linda Davis. With a network of accomplished authors and writing teachers from around the region, Block will be creating a program that will offer a variety of classes to support all kinds of creativity. Classes will be held throughout the day in the expanded new section of Village Well Books and Coffee on subjects ranging from story structure and world building to mindfulness and breathwork and everyone’s favorite: getting unblocked.

Village Well owner Jennifer Caspar commented “Fostering creativity through the written word is a crucial part of the Village Well mission. Whether you are a screenwriter, poet, entrepreneur, musician, or lawyer, everyone can all benefit from honing our skills at mining and nurturing our creativity in work and all aspects of life. We are excited to join arms with her in this effort.”

The Lit Angels Writing Studio will be run like a yoga studio, with classes available a la carte for $25 each or as many as you want with a monthly membership. We are offering an introductory rate of $125 for the monthly membership (after September 1, it will go up to $200). Classes will be held next door in our expansion space. The first class will be this Saturday, June 1 at 3 PM.

“There are so many fitness classes available for the body, but what are you doing to exercise your creative mind?” Block asked.

“Lit Angels Writing Studio will offer classes that provide just that — a fun and freeing way to work out the creative muscles and eliminate the stumbling blocks that might be holding you back, not only in your writing, art or performance projects, but in all areas of your life — uplifting and refreshing your mind and soul, improving relationships, work, and your outlook on the future. These classes, taught by top-level working professionals, will also cultivate community and connection, something we all desperately need in these challenging times.”

Construction on the store’s new space is planned to start  June 17,  and store owner Jennifer Caspar says “We plan to continue to be open and operate through the whole squirrelly period.” 

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