Westside Urban Forum – How Will AI Affect Housing and Development?

In 2024, we find ourselves suddenly navigating the dynamics brought about by the swift proliferation of applied artificial intelligence. It has changed the conversation around inspired creativity, technical prowess, and even experience itself – nothing seems to be immune to the reach of AI-powered techniques.

At the same time, our most urgent societal challenge is ensuring shelter for our unsheltered and housing insecure neighbors. Could AI technologies help us to accelerate development of housing for Los Angeles? Does AI help us to make better informed choices in urban planning? Is a rapid visualization of design concepts building a stronger community engagement? What are the opportunities that AI technologies offer – and what are the potential risks?

Join us on March 21 as our panelists bring diverse perspectives on the issue through their work in government, public policy, venture capital, startups, housing development, and urban design. Our question to them was this: Does Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning offer us a path to improve urban development? Come find out what the leading minds have to say.

March 21, 2024

Westside Urban Forum @ Helms Design Center


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