Dear Editor – Budget Choices vs. Building Needs

Dear Editor,

The roofs at the high school are leaking and the halls are flooding. And supporters of Measure E argue those funds should be used to fix the roofs and drains. However, I would argue differently – the district had the money but chose to spend it elsewhere. For example, instead of fixing leaking roofs the board CHOSE to spend $670,000 on iPads for K-2 in October 2022. I stood up to complain about this expenditure but to no avail. How much would it have cost to fix the leaks? Why were iPads for K-2 prioritized over leaky roofs? This is precisely why so many members of the community are going to vote against this bond. The board and the district have squandered money instead of spending it wisely. This board has made nothing but bad choices in spending taxpayer money. And here is another example. An unlicensed “therapy” provider, New Earth was paid $600,000 in 2022/2023 and is contracted to receive $1.5 million this year. There are disputes as to whether New Earth even lived up to its end of the contract. Nevertheless, that money could have paid for even more leaky roofs. So between New Earth, and the iPads, the totally comes to $2.7 million. It seems as though that would have paid to fix the roofs and the drains for the hallways at the high school; and there are many more examples. And now, it has come to light that the Yes campaign is being funded solely by contractors and architects. So far, four have donated a total of $75,000. TELACU $25,0000; Barnhart Reese Construction $25,000; Ruhnau Clark Architects $15,000; PJHM Architects $10,000. The “Committee for Excellent Culver City School – Yes on E” is being run out of an accounting office at 1700 Tribute Road, Suite 201 in Sacramento. In addition, TELACU is already doing construction work on CCUSD campuses. There is a large banner with their name on the green fence at the Elenda campus. TELACU has been going with district official and board members to community meetings at each campus. Surely, this isn’t right. This is why the voters of Culver City need to send a clear message to the school board –Vote NO on Measure E. For more information please visit our website, For lawn signs and more, please send an email to [email protected] Vote NO on Measure E.

Carolyn B. Libuser

The Actors' Gang