Dear Editor – Options for Funding Infrastructure

Dear Editor, 

Where do I start?
Calling this Measure the “Safer Schools” measure is vintage CA politics. Who wouldn’t want “Safer Schools”? How about the “Every Homeowner Pays $1000/yr more School Improvement” measure? At least that would be honest…
There seems to be no debate that the “underserved” CCUSD infrastructure needs attention. However, there are more “equitable” ways to fund this community need. Other local school districts pass bond measures that lay out exactly what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost before voting. Not Culver City.
Also CC collects additional sales tax for all purchases in CC so why not fund the improvements that way?
The passion with which certain CC residents volunteer all of us to significantly increase our property taxes (even if it is a worthwhile endeavor) is discouraging and intellectually dishonest. Maybe most of them rent…

David Van Pelt

The Actors' Gang