Sony Splashes Out with Scenic Arts Building as New Event and Production Space

When backdrop rental company J.C. Backings moved out of their long time tenancy at the Scenic Arts Building at Sony Pictures Entertainment, it was the end of an era. Films that use CGI don’t need painted backdrops, however gorgeous. But a new era is about to launch, as Sony has unveiled the renovated Scenic Arts building as a new event space, that can be rented out for parties, as well as office and production space for films.

The unveiling party, which was attended by many local electeds including Culver City Mayor Yasmin Imani McMorrin, Planning Commissioner Nancy Barba, School Board Vice President Triston Ezidore and Field Representative from State Senator Lola Smallwood-Cuevas office, Elizabeth Birk; all were there to celebrate. 

Mayor McMorrin offered “I am grateful to have such good partners with Sony; it was wonderful to see so many community members come out and support the Scenic Arts Building re-opening.” 

 The renovation project, spearheaded by RIOS design collective, adds almost 74,000 square feet of office and production space to the Culver City lot, and is also prime space to host a party, as evidenced by their pre-opening evening. The restored space for events is 7,500 square feet of the total building after the redesign. It comes equipped with a lavish kitchen for catering, a top quality lighting system and audio visual equipment. Parties on the premises will have everything they need to eat, drink, and dance. 

The newly created office/work space added on as a multifloor addition to the original building allows for the continuity of the original construction. The addition includes 32,000 square feet of production offices, a 4,310 square foot wardrobe department, (including and on-site laundry) an almost 8,000 square foot expendables department. And 18,000 square feet of storage.

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo – School Board VP Ezidore, Mayor McMorrin, Field Rep Birk and Commissioner Barba

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