CCPD Responds to Lack of Information on Policy Update

“The notice is currently posted; as soon as we got the email, we checked and made the correction,” Jennifer Atenza, the Culver City Police Department’s Public Information Officer said in response to a Letter to the Editor that Culver City Crossroads published on Jan 24, 2024.

The letter, which noted that information that should have been available from the CCPD was not on the site, got a quick response from Chief Jason Sims. In an email sent shortly after the publication of the letter, he said “Thank you for bringing this technical error to my attention… We recently updated our policy manual, and something went wrong when it was posted on our website.  The issue has been corrected.  I’m sorry for any confusion this caused.”

When viewed on Thursday morning, the CCPD website only presented three pages of what is a 700 page document. “For some reason the website did not include the entire document. Even the staff member who uploaded it – and had it checked by another staff member, thought it had the complete update,” Atenza noted. 

The update, which posts twice a year, in January and July, is a required public notification. “This is now the first updating for 2024  to the policy manual, and any changes made after this posting will be included in our mid-year update as is our regular practice…We also regularly post a host of transparency reports including our quarterly, and our RIPA [Racial Identification Profiling Act] information.”

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang