Dear Editor – Why I Will Work to Pass Measure E

Dear Editor,

Many residents do not realize that the state of California does not have dedicated funds for school facilities–any consistent funding for CCUSD must come from Culver City. This is why a School Bond, Measure E, will appear on the March 5th ballot. Bonds like Measure E can only go on ballots in even years–2024 is our shot.

Whether or not you have students in our Culver City schools, you have likely heard that our facilities are in serious disrepair. To give a few examples from the past two years of our own family’s experience:

Last year my Lin Howe student spent an unanticipated three months having class in the District Annex due to massive flooding of multiple classrooms.

This past December, a literal duck pond (“Lake Panther”) formed on my youngest’s middle school campus after a fairly average rainfall. This is not a new situation.

Students at the high school are taking classes in roughly 20 “temporary” trailers that were installed in the 1980s.

There is not sufficient indoor lunch space for high school or middle school students in case of inclement weather. Many kids eat lunch standing up under overhangs when it rains.

My high schooler’s band class is crammed into a former welding studio that was never intended for music—in fact, no facilities for music have ever been built at the high school despite a growing and well-regarded music program.

I am certain that most families in CCUSD have similar stories regarding their own experiences with our school buildings.

I will be voting YES on Measure E because we are long past the luxury of delay. Our kids, teachers, and staff deserve better than this.

Bronwyn Schrecker Jamrok

Former CCUSD PTA Officer & Current School Volunteer

Yes on Measure E Committee Member,

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