Dear Editor – Schools, Funds and Priorities

Dear Editor,

As the community debates the pros and cons of Measure E, Alex Fisch has waded in to bully the teachers. His tweets to the teachers union on X (formerly twitter) were insulting. Part of the exchange is below.

Fisch: “A local political club put out a newsletter saying teachers won’t be support Measure E. Any chance you can clarify?”

Union: “ Staff morale and trust are at an absolute all time low in CCUSD and this fact has been over the last year.”

Fisch: “I’d respectfully ask you to consider the welfare of the students on this one. My kids will likely be out by the time these seeds grow and bear fruit. But since when has the ultimate value of investment in education been measured on such a short timeline let alone one year?”

Union: “Mr. Fisch, please do not disrespect our members by insinuating we are not considering the welfare of our students. Our members on the front line every day. The board and district need to do better for the staff and students”

The reality is the teacher’s union and the classified union have taken no formal position on the bond. This is unusual as normally the unions would support a facilities bond.

However, as noted by the union, trust is an issue. Ray Long, president of the teacher’s union has spoken at school board meetings and reiterated this message multiple times, as has Debbie Hamme, president of the classified union.

Much of the community doesn’t trust the board and the result is opposition to the bond. Remember, Measure K money was meant to be spent on hiring extra classroom teachers. Instead, $600 thousand was spent last year on New Earth, an unlicensed therapy provider. And at least $600 thousand more will be spent on New Earth this year.

The teachers and community don’t feel this is a legitimate use of Measure K funds. This is just one of many other examples. The board’s actions have led to a sense of betrayal and a lack of trust on the part of the taxpayers. If the board spent Measure K money frivolously why should the taxpayers trust them to spend $360 million wisely and appropriately?

The answer to that question—Vote NO on Measure E.

Carolyn B. Libuser

The Actors' Gang