City Offers Structural Support – Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program Now Accepting Applications

Online registration for Earthquake Brace and Bolt (EBB) program is now open, and it will remain open through February 21, 2024. Earthquake Brace and Bolt provides up to $3,000 toward a seismic retrofit for qualifying homes and is now available in 815 California ZIP Codes including two ZIP codes in Culver City.

Click here to see if your house is in an eligible ZIP Code.  

EBB is offering an additional Supplemental Grant (SG) to income-eligible homeowners. If your household annual income is $87,360 or less, you may qualify for an SG that could pay up to 100 percent of your seismic retrofit. The maximum amount of the grant depends on the type of retrofit you are doing and where your house is located.

“This week, as we remember the devastating effects of the Northridge earthquake 30 years ago, it is a profound reminder that earthquakes are unpredictable and potentially life-altering,” said Christine Parra, Culver City Fire Department’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. “Making preparedness a priority will allow families and individuals to make more rational decisions in times of high stress.

Making a plan, having a kit, taking proactive measures, like participating in a Brace and Bolt program, will also add to your personal preparedness by lessening the potential for earthquake damage to your home.”For more information about the EBB program, visit the Earthquake Brace and Bolt website.

If you have any questions, you can contact customer service via email or by calling (877) 232-4300.

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