Sony Dedicates Music Building to Composer John Williams (Cue the Horns!)

“The first time I came to this studio was 1940 when my father brought me here to show me the stage. I was about nine or ten years old, and I thought someday, this will all be mine! It’s finally come to be; and it’s only taken me 92 years!” Legendary film composer John Williams spoke at a ceremony at Sony Pictures Entertainment on Jan. 18, 2024, commemorating the new John Williams Music Building in Culver City in his honor.

Williams has a unique creative history with Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Columbia Pictures, having recorded over 30 scores in the studio’s sound recording building. The new building is also the home of the Cary Grant Theater, Foley stages and the Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage.

“This is bigger than thank you; there are no words that can capture it in the English language; our language stops there. This is beyond an honor.”

 With 53 Academy Award nominations, Williams is the second most nominated person in the entire history of the Academy Of Motion Pictures, standing only behind Walt Disney, and has put in much of that time at Sony. Williams also has 25 Grammy Awards, seven BAFTAs and four Golden Globes. He is also the oldest nominee in any category, competing at the age of 90, for the score for The Fabelmans. It was his 53rd nomination, and his fifth win. 

Directors Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams, both of who have worked frequently with Williams, were on hand for the dedication, and offered their thoughts. Spielberg noted, both honestly and generously, “My movies would not be the same without you.” Abrams called the composer magical, and added “He doesn’t just define the tone and power of a film, but elevates it into the pantheon.” 

Williams, well known for this scoring of Star Wars, also wrote the theme to the 1965 television show ‘Lost in Space’  along with themes for the ‘Time Tunnel’ and ‘Land of the Giants.’

Noted film composer Thomas Newman was also in attendance, as were top Sony executives Tony Vinciquerra and Tom Rothman.

Williams brushed aside any ideas of retirement, saying it was just “possible” he’d make another score.”My hope and challenge for the next 100 years is to put in the work, make some good music, and make the next 100 years as good as the last.” 

Photo Credit Sony Pictures Entertainment



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